Content Aggregator Rejection



  • iBuildApp

    first your app is not public available so it is not visible in our app store.

    second is if your app is simple web clippings app it's never gonna be approved by apple. you need to use native app functionality heavily. it is video streaming, audio streaming, picture gallery, calendar, events, locations, custom form,etc


    I'm sorry, but the check mark next to public is marked.

    It isn't a web clippings app, it is an app to allow our members to access organization content on a native platform. It has photo capability, custom form, calendar, etc. It has been rejected several times now and I'm at a loss as to how to improve it.


    I just checked and was able to search for the app (KAPS) and find it in the app store. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • iBuildApp

    yep, you are using HTML page function heavily plus the design of home page sucks incluing poorly designed buttons on it.

    apple doesn't like such web looking apps.

    you have a few good native functions, but didn't really work on improvement it's design (customization),

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