App rejected because it crashes on iPad



  • Brij Dogra

    Well at least Apple re-tested and sent me the attached screenshot.

    So in summary, on first review the app crashed and now there's no internet connection. Can't seem to duplicate these issues on my dev iphone or ipad.

    Is the binary corrupted or is there a bug accessing ibuildapp's CMS during testing?

    Any reply to shed some light on this would be appreciated. Anyone??

  • Brij Dogra

    Have re-build the app with a new template and submitted for approval.

    Now when I test with the ah-hoc build, I find the app loads up fine and eventually becomes slow, unresponsive and eventually unusable. Killing the app from memory seems to solve the issue but only temporarily until it again becomes slow. Tapping buttons does nothing.

    Anyone on here have any idea what's going on? iBuildapp support?

  • iBuildApp

    you used the old build before.

  • Brij Dogra

    The build that crashed was from August 18. Is that considered old?

    The new build submitted to Apple is Sep 02 which as I've described above  sluggish and eventually stops responding. Checked with the "Free Memory" app and It appears this new build is using up too much memory.

  • iBuildApp

    yes, it was already fixed by the time you used that build. as of the issue #2 the message says that you needed internet connection to get your content from your servers, i think it's clear, right?

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