• IBA Support

    You can download and install your app for testing, using "Download my App" link at the Publish page of your app on our site, download native iPhone/Android app onto your devices for testing using QR code or URL link with your app.
    NOTE! test iPhone/Android app can be installed on up to 10 iOS/Android devices, URL link with app can be used for the next 24 hours once you will submit "Download my App" link.
    You can also download Android build of your app via "Download my App" link.
    If you need to use iPhone app without restrictions, please, refer to this FAQ to know how you can build your app for iPhone, test it and publish on iTunes Store:

  • Fpa Australia

    Why does the ios download link only last for 24 hrs? is there a way I can get a link for ios without waiting for the Apple Store submission?

  • IBA Support

    iOS apps can be distributed via Apple Store only.

    The first step towards testing your applications on a real device and publish on the Apple Store is to sign up for the iPhone Developer Program at There are two programs available – Standard and Enterprise. For most developers wanting to release applications on the App Store, they can simply sign up for the Standard program, which costs US$99.

    Please, refer to this FAQ to know how you can build your app for iPhone  and publish on iTunes Store:

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