ios9 update still not working



  • John Tooraen

    App starts to launch, then closes. Never gets past splash screen.

  • Marvin.gayral

    Same here, is there any knowlegde when this will be solved?

  • Ferdinand Bronkhorst

    Over two weeks and even on this forum no feedback or available solutions?

  • Dom Shirt
    My app has been rejected as bugs in iOS 9.02 ?
  • iBuildApp

    Hey Everyone,

    Unfortunately we are not able to provide support without specific details as to the nature of the issue. To get a resolution for these issues, start a ticket with our help desk, the heading being your App name and Account email, proceeded by the detailed description of the problem along with pictures of errors or screenshots of the Apple rejection notice. 

    Our current wait times are strained due to the iOS re-submissions, however, a representative WILL respond to provide a solution with your co-operation.

    -Emil S.

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