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  • iBuildApp

    hi there, what is the message? please post the screenshot. thanks!

  • Webmaster


    here is my QR code:

  • Support

    this is the iphone QR code, please show me the message

  • Webmaster

    i get this message in a new window on my iphone, nothing more:


  • Webmaster


    do you have a answer?

    please scan my QR code, what is wrong?

  • iBuildApp

    are you opening the iBuildApp web version of app store on hour mobile phone in the browser?

    of course it will not work as this is web app store, not mobile store.

    where did you get that QR code?

  • Webmaster

    i get that QR code from my account


    "Test or preview your App"




  • Webmaster

    and i open the app in the browser from my website!

  • iBuildApp

    per our tutorial

    you have to send sms to your phone

    install android app for testing from this sms

    install from this sms our iPhone catalog of apps called iBuildApp Marketplace

    scan this QR code with your phone and your app will launch within our catalog automatically.

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