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    Hey Giftmugweni, in case you haven't tried anything yet, invest the next 5 minutes of your time to create a test app to understand what is possible on our platform.

    You'll notice that Google Calendar happens to be one of our widgets, although there is currently no way to edit the calendar within your app on iBuildApp, the bright side is that your app users will able to see your calendar as well as any events which have been entered in the calendar.

    In case you're having difficulties getting the calendar code for the feature, follow these instructions:

    • Login to your google account, select "Calendar" tab on the top.
    • Click the small triangle next to the name of the calendar you want to share ("My Calendars" section on the left sidebar of your screen), and choose "Calendar Settings".
    • Locate the "Embed This Calendar" section next to "Calendar Time Zone", copy HTML code provided and paste it into "Google Calendar Code" entry field.
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