How can I disable screen rotation in custom Feature HTML5 / JS or on current app


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  • iBuildApp

    Hey Nikola,

    There are several ways to got about disabling a feature: 

    1. (Recommended) You could change the feature by clicking the 'Change feature' blue text under the button which you wish to disable and select a feature which suits your app. 

    2. You could simply turn off the button that leads to the feature which you do not wish to use by toggling the on/off switch in Manage Navigation which will make the button/tab unusable, however, if you have critical errors in your custom feature the feature may still disrupt your app performance.

    3. Combine the 2 above; change the feature to something else entirely (but keep it blank), then simply turn off the button.

    Our platform does not fully provide landscape view, although the functionality is constantly requested we still have that feature under development.


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