File upload button not working when testing app


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    Thank you for your interest in iBuildApp, can you please give more details about the case by providing the name of the application type of phone you are using Iphone or Android and your e-mail, kindly send the needed information to


    iBuildApp Team




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  • Billie Kelpin

    This may not address the particular problem in question, but here's a hint about updating to test.  I tried 100 times before READING THE UPDATE NOTE that says CLOSE APP COMPLETELY.  For those creating apps a few years ago, this didn't seem to be necessary, but it's necessary now.  Also you have to ignore the top of the button that says something about publishing in the Apple store.  The update MESSAGE on the bottom saying to CLOSE the app completely is the one you have to follow.  It's also confusing because you "x" out of this screen because there is no response to let you know you are updating.  This is a flaw in the page design which hopefully will be fix.  It's not intuitive, but i you read the note and close out of your app, you'll be able to see the test version on your phone. 

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