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  • iBuildApp

    Peter, it's not about template.
    it's about the app builder who created the app.
    when I got my Audi S5 in 2007 and tried to drive it in Mountains in winter, the car got stucked in snow. I called to Audi support and said, you car, AWD, is not going through 1.0 feet snow. it seems like I wasted my $60K for a car that don't drive.
    the answer was to take driving lessons first before going through a terrain.
    the same is here.
    you simple created app consisted from youTube videos with a few lines of text for each page. an app consisted solely from videos will be rejected. plus your graphics is low quality graphics. the template is oK we have lots of apps approved with this template.
    for example what quality is the page from below screenshot? you simple inserted a URL to your web site that has very poor usability and design:
    suggestion: change the page type for half of the pages to different ones like RSs, custom html, etc.
    my advice is worth $50.
    not gonna do it again, we don't provide free support, sorry.

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  • Peter Jarvis

    Thanks for that good advice. Yes that webpage is under construction but it is too big for the page anyway. Sorry, I meant to say the way I used the template rather than the template itself as obviously you have people successfully publishing. Not a criticism just a note to warn others but very glad you picked up on the main issues that were not obvious to me before.

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  • iBuildApp

    we are trying to help app builders and much more for ipad publishing is planned to be developed like iAuthors on Mac but for android and web html5 apps for tablets.
    it simple takes time, but we are hiring more developers

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  • Maldha


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