iPad Native - Adding HTML page issues


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  • Francie Black

    I am having this exact problem.  And I saw someone else who had posted the same question but there was no response.  iBuildApp, can you help?  It appears in ePub, template 3 that it should display 4 pages across but it only displays 3 pages on the row.  The 4th one wraps to next row (as displayed in the image above) leaving a single page on the second row.  Please help!  Many thanks for your App service.  

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  • iBuildApp

    assigning ticket to support. not sure on the status, we kind of abandoned tablets idea for the last 13 months by concentrating on android, iphone and html5 apps. we are really planning to shot tablet self publishing to the sky in this Fall, but currently simple can't support iPad because of the lack of resources even if we have almost 10 engineers in staff (including support). let's see what support says.

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi all,

    The layout of this template should display 4 pages in a line. Unfortunately, some browsers display the demo template in a wrong way. If you open the same template in Fire Fox you'll get the right view of the page.

    I can assure you that the templates work fine on real iPads and shows 4 pages in a line.

    We've planed to correct the simulator view, but, unfortunately, that's not the major issue at the moment.


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