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  • iBuildApp

    derek, planning to fix what?
    that cars don't fly, airplanes don't land in water, etc?
    you said that our system don't support what you need and next asked to fix it :)
    we are fixing only bugs, this is a request to develop what you need posted as a request to fix our bug.
    there are not such bugs.

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  • Mario Lacombe

    I'm beginning to understand your tricks. You let us built an APPS to publish on Apple, you pretend it's "FREE", and 99,9% of us can't send it because there are always problems with CETIFICATES, MOBILPROVISIONS, get a P12 FILE etc. etc. etc...... after that you try to sell us your stuff. The real reason is, if we don't pay IBUILD we never won't be able to put our APPS on the APPLE site. Good try body.................

    Read your own comments: "so we provide payable service for $199 per app publishing in order to help those ones who can’t create at their own. We are planning to increase the price from $199 to 299 or $399 in next week per app as we can’t spend so much time doing app publishing."

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  • Steve Guberman

    Mario... I have published several apps to iTunes.. and am making nice residual income!


    JUST READ THE DIRECTIONS!!! This platform works!!! And I have not paid iAppBuilder a dime. Even though I feel I should.

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