Errors Uploading app to App Store !!


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  • Yaroslav

    Hi Tamsaan,

    Please, delete all the certificates from your MAC and revoke them from your Apple Dev account. It is only confusing you.
    Please, refer to the Publish page of your app on our site - Submit to App Store - Do It Myself section.
    At the Create Certificate tab download .csr file, upload it on your Apple Dev account to create new Distribution certificate (Certificates tab – Producation).
    Then please download new certificate on your MAC and upload it on our site at the Upload Distribution Certificate tab.
    Don’t forget to create App ID for your app at the Identifiers tab – App IDs. When you are creating App ID for your app at the Apple Developer account, please, fill not only the App ID name, but also "Explicit App ID"-->"Bundle ID:" which should be represented like a reverse-domain name style string (i.e., com.domainname.appname).
    Last step is to recreate Provision Profile (.mobileprovision file) on your Apple Dev account (Provisioning profiles tab – Distribution) and upload this file at the Upload Provisioning Profile tab on our site. Then just follow the further steps to build your app.

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