How do I test my app: Not updating my changes ?


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  • Yaroslav

    Hello, try to delete current version of your app from device, visit Publish page once again and submit "Download My App" link to get test version of your app on device.

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  • Sjappy

    Thanks for the answer. I did that several times without succes. It seems that the downloaded app is using the same build every time. HOWEVER, i found out that the app is rebuild only after 24 hours !.

    So after 24 hours i downloaded it again, installed it again, (of course after deleting the old one)  and then the app was "build" again, showing the latest revisions. So it works but only once every 24 hrs. Thats what i found out.

    Am i correct? Anyway i know now.

    Thanks for the support so far.


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