Google Play won't let us choose "everyone" for content


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  • Yaroslav

    sorry, I don't understand what you are talking about. Could you please provide more information about problem you have?

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  • Billie Kelpin

    First of all, my husband has been programming software for Fortune 500 companies for 40 years and if he can't figure this out something is really wrong with the whole process.  

    The problem is this:  When had to list our app as "Low Maturity" in google's play store instead of the rating of "Everyone".  Why?  Googleplay says that ibuildapp turns on all permissions and thus the "everyone" rating is not available to us.  This did not seem to be the case a few months ago when we published "The Perfect Husband App" which I believe we classified as "Everyone".  Our new app, which we spent HOURS in creating is meant to promote our educational business by providing a free nice little Halloween game.  Now that game is listed as "low maturity" and what parent of a 4 to 6 year old is going to download an app like that.  Ibuildapp has templates for schools, etc.  Does a school building an app understand that when they put it in the googleplay store it won't be listed as "Everyone" and instead as "low maturity"?  

    Don't get me wrong.  I appreciate the software and the complexity with ibuild app.  I write about this service and promote it in my bizblog.  But when there is a policy such as this with the provisions pre-determined by ibuildapp for apparently their own commerical reasons, this service has become irrelevant to a small business like us.  

    I like using ibuildapp.  I want to keep using it. I'd like to write more positive blog entires about it, but if our apps cannot be classified as open to the general public because of the conflict between googleplay's requirements for that listing and ibuildapp's policy of not allowing us to turn off the permissions, software is useless.  If people have to go through 99 hoops to download our software and see "low maturity" as it's categorical listing, there is no hope of creating effective apps here. 

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