Will this be possible to build with iBuildApp


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    Hi Thedohan,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    We do offer the E-Commerce Woo feature that can be linked to the seller's paypal, or you can use the shopping cart feature as well. You can list items you would like to sell, or buy items. We offer an invisible feature that looks like an eye to not show anything on the app on each page to conceal information, as you mentioned in particular we do not offer a feature that conceal inventory if it is sold out or not. That would be a great feature request for our E-Commerce store. We do offer Google Maps that you can set for a certain location and address as well, also you can add GPS notifications if a customer is close by they can receive special offers.

    In the mean time if you need further assistance, please reach out to us through chat, email at support@ibuildapp.com, or by phone at (415)801-0277.



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