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  • Vershondawilliams

    I am having this same issue.  Has anyone gotten back with you?

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  • Jms

    Me too... looks like this is a wide spread issue. 


    I'm getting no support from ibuildapp.com about fixing the issue.

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  • Cnsc.software-logiciel.ccsn


    I had the same issue, downloading and stalling at 81% but only with androids. However, this was not affecting all android users. Some were able to download the app and others not.

    I tried many things. Created another app, same template and content and this one worked. Puzzled by this I went back to my original app, proceeded to remove the title and to my surprise it downloaded.

    I am unsure if it was the fact my title was in capital letters only (i.e.ABCD) without numbers or special characters, however, I haven't had the issue since and all android users have been able to download my  app thus far.

    I have separated my letters with an underscore (A_B_C_D) and have added a number at times (ABCD_1).

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