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  • Yaroslav

    Hello, sure, you can set up Push Notifications for app designed on our site.

    Please, refer to the Notifications Tab of your app on our site to set up Push Notification service for your app.

    Please, use this tutorial to set up Push Notification for your iPhone app: https://support.ibuildapp.com/entries/26232245-Configuring-push-notifications-for-iPhone
    Once you configured Push Notifications for iPhone app, you have to:
    1. recreate Distribution Provision certificate for your app on developer.apple.com account (mobileprovision file).
    2. use this new certificate for app building process on our site (Publish page - Apple iTunes Store - Upload Provisioning Profile tab)..
    3. submit new version of the app (new build) to make it work.
    Once the new version of submitted app will be approved on Apple Store, you will be able to use Push notifications in your iPhone app.

    You don't need configure Push Notifications for Android app, just create new build for Android app after Push Notifications enable and start sending them to your customers.

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