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  • Craig.cope196

    I would also like to know the answers to these questions...

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  • iBuildApp

    Hello there,

    1.) What does 100 % white label mean? iBuildApp ads and branding would no longer appear anywhere on your app.

    2.) With the premium plan, can you confirm what the 3000 app downloads are ? Does this mean 3000 downloads of various apps in total or 3000 downloads per app?  
    Premium and Unlimited plans only apply per 1 app. If you were to buy the Premium plan for your e-commerce app; that app would have 3000 downloads for iOS and Android.

    3.) What is the maximum amount of apps I can develop with this plan? No paid plan necessary to develop as many apps as you'd like. To publish an app, the Premium would be the most cost effective plan. To publish/resell multiple apps; Reseller, Coporate, and Enterprise plans would better suit your needs.

    4.) Can i customise the app with my own brand? Yes. You can add your own advertisements in our monetize section and indent your brand throughout your app by being creative in the editing portion of your app. However you'd need one of the paid plans to remove pre-existing iBuildApp Branding.

    5.) Will there be ads for IBuild anywhere? Refer to answers 1.) and 4.)

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